Yep What’s so funny? Emergency services always need to know …

Comment on Just in case the postie gets lost! by Heather Krikke.

Yep What’s so funny? Emergency services always need to know the exact address, it would be good for other business/ buildings to take a leaf out of that book and follow suite.
Must be a slow news week.!!!!!

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Old tree danger: council was told two years ago
Jeremy, you are so right these trees are an accident waiting to happen.
The lopsided trimming that has obviously gone on over the years has made these trees extremely unsafe.
I regularly drive that way and wonder every time, am I one day going to be crushed to death by one of them.
Alice Springs Town Council, apologising after the fact is not good enough.
Something needs to be done, about the Smith Street trees.

Safe house for men not so safe
When are the people, for whom these facilities are built, going to stop “trashing” them? Why is it then expected somebody from the Government, should come and fix them up for free?

Spot the difference
I’ve lived here for over 30 yrs and love the town. I agree with “not worried”. I don’t go to the centre of town to see the ranges, or trees, a very short walk or drive and it is all there for everyone to see.
If the trees had of been included in the “artist’s impression” the same narrow minded people would have complained that the developer was trying to hide something behind the trees! Good luck with it all, this town needs to progress.

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