Well said Russell Goldflam and Tania Collins. …

Comment on Court placing itself above the community? by Peter Dixon.

Well said Russell Goldflam and Tania Collins.

Recent Comments by Peter Dixon

Grog stats: No independent review
Good points, Vicki Gillick.

‘Cheating wife’ tracker could have found alleged Darwin killer
The problem with all of this that they did not know who they were meant to be tracking.

Australia Day: Alice’s role in it
Call it self-flagellation if you must, but for many of us we cannot celebrate on this date.
If you read the details of what actually happened in 1788 anyway it was not the most significant.

NT a ‘failed state’? Too harsh, said Perron … a year ago
Here is the heart of it: “We were, and still are, a narrow volatile economy reliant on Federal fiscal policy to fund infrastructure and defence within the boom / bust of private mining projects that materialize every decade or so.”

Town Council riven by conflict, lack of leadership
Lots of important people were also excluded in the Tennant Creek Prime Ministerial visit. It was another hand-picked affair and decidedly looked like electioneering, not just for Jacinta Price, but it also raised the possibility of Edgington campaigning for Barkly in the NT Parliament.

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