Dick and Iain, two powerful figures in our community: great, …

Comment on Dick Kimber: premier scholar of Central Australia by Evelyne Roullet.

Dick and Iain, two powerful figures in our community: great, humble,friendly who made me welcome at work at Alice High in the ’70s, will be forever in my memories.
The booklet by Dick,”Cultural values associated with Alice Springs water”, was part of my toolkit when working in the tourism industry.

Recent Comments by Evelyne Roullet

Former Anzac Hill High School: time to take stock
See you there, Mike Gillam.

Rock climb closure: total government control of media
No, James T Smerk, it is the end of this world as we know it.

Former Anzac Hill High School: time to take stock
Alex Nelson: Everybody complains but too few are prepared to act, and that’s the reason we get the governments we deserve. You are correct.
The only way it is to have a human barricade 24/7 and structure that creates a barrier to block passage.
Alice Springs businesses close doors to join climate change … maybe they could do it again to stop this stupidity, unless they believe the art gallery will be built and will bring monies.
Maybe we should boycott businesses that do not support Alice Springs history and culture. We can buy online.

The entitlement of not answering questions
James T Smerk: It is not a question of skin colour, because I have a friend, true blue, which partner is part Aborigine with a skin lighter than mine and both have the right to go to Congress clinics.
I can understand her but him? Could Congress or Scott explain?

The entitlement of not answering questions
Scott , maybe I went public to have an answer to the question asked by a lot of people, and you gave a very good explanation. Thank you. May be you work for Congress?
But you are wrong about: “The Old Timers Village only allows elderly clients. Is this unfair too?”
My son, an old Territorian and invalid, could have been admitted to the Old Timers but refused and passed away at home. He was only 52 years old
In some areas of Australia, residential aged care has been the only supported accommodation available for younger people with disability who have high or complex care needs.

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