Great tribute Kieran. I have a few letters from Dick, …

Comment on Dick Kimber: premier scholar of Central Australia by Liam Campbell.

Great tribute Kieran. I have a few letters from Dick, who generously assisted my research into Coniston and a biography of his friend Darby Ross.
I was pretty young at the time and Dick was so enthusiastic about my project and I credit him with inspiring me to find a way through it all and complete it.
He also inspired me to delve deeper into NT history and try to understand the context within which many of Darby’s stories were told and the way Aboriginal oral history and written history could sit together to tell a story.
He reminded me so much of Darby – generous, inquisitive, trying to see both sides, fascinated by the clash of cultures and finding humour in it, the importance of remembering the past and trying to understand it, and of course a love of footy!

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