Dick Kimber is a wonderfully generous man. Sorry I couldn’t …

Comment on Dick Kimber: premier scholar of Central Australia by John Morton.

Dick Kimber is a wonderfully generous man.
Sorry I couldn’t be there to honour you, Dick, but I’m toasting you now.
Thanks for all the yarns and all the stimulation. These are fitting tributes.

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Ryder case: ‘We can learn from this’
It’s important to understand how the cultural studies crowd have an investment in racism, real and imagined. It validates their view of the world as essentially evil, violent and oppressive. As with all such paranoid visions, the fantasy side of things outstrips reality and nothing else can be seen. They say that the idea of race was discredited a long time ago, but the whiteness studies mob and their various academic allies do their best to ensure that it is the only idea through which the world can be conceived. Even when their analyses have purchase (and sometimes they do), they’re partial, predictable and tiresome.

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