What would our country look like if government and corporations …

Comment on The gaolers and the gaoled: new exhibition by Mark Wilson.

What would our country look like if government and corporations entirely had their way? Do these people never travel overseas and revel in the beautiful old historical built environments? I think how it took the NSW BLF to save the Sydney Public Domain behind the Opera House when developers in cohort with the NSW Govt were intent on destroying the space and the glorious fig trees. The historic Rocks area, even the grand Queen Victoria Building were destined for demolition! What is wrong with people when they get a little power? They can do a lot of permanent damage in their brief five minute tenure. A pox on many of them.

Somehow Kieran we saved the gaol when we got our act together after the bogan developers saw the quick buck before our town’s heritage, and destroyed much of our town. Alice certainly isn’t ‘A town like Alice’, and a million miles from the fictional Willstown in Shute’s novel.

What must tourists think when they arrive and find the rust bucket, The Plaza and now the Supreme Court? To add insult to injury there are forces to reopen Todd Mall to traffic and make fifty car parking spaces! Like that will change business fortunes. The Mall is for tourists who enjoy strolling when they feel safe. It’s really quite sad.

Recent Comments by Mark Wilson

Former Anzac Hill High School: time to take stock
Fitting that the Chief Monster is off with 100 tag-alongs doing trade business in China. Remember too the methods of the Chinese when they do “development”. They round up and evict land-owners without a second thought, and bus them off out of sight into greater poverty. No appeals. No Heritage Act. No Land Rights. In fact, few rights at all. Perhaps the delegation is picking up some tips??

Heritage Act: not worth the paper it is written on
A Town like Alice is in name only. It brought the last generation of tourists but fewer and fewer now. That town was all but destroyed over previous decades by politicians colluding or ignoring developer demolition raids at 3am. The NTG has a Heritage Act in name only as a tick a box effort until it suits them otherwise.

Alice is I suspect no longer on ‘bucket lists’. That dubious honour lies with Uluru and the cheaper direct flights so tourists, millennials and Gen Xers can FIFO for a weekend and have a “remote cultural Outback experience” around a poolside in the shadow of Uluru. All rather sad but the way of the world now. Mass tourism at its ugliest.

‘Voter apathy greatest threat to Territory democracy’
Seriously, it is government, or more particularly politicians who put at risk the very essence of our democracy.
Politicians listen to their constituents once every electoral cycle, when they need our vote!
After that they pretty much run their own and their party’s agendas. Any wonder there is public apathy and cynicism. Quite why the Commissioner is surprised simply amazes me.
If Australia had the Swiss system where citizen initiated referenda occur up to four times a year then we would have a much higher form of true direct democracy with less influence by lobbyists (often retired politicians) and special interest groups on the political process.
However, the Swiss system requires a much more involved and educated populace.
Here we rely on compulsory voting to suggest “authenticity” and authority to the electoral process. Sadly the writer, Iain Loganathan of the NT Electoral Commission, relies too much on enrolment numbers as an end in itself.

Hall of Fame has to pay for manager the government appointed
Soy Sauce Sally and her mob will bring us all down.
Time for a good ol’ fashioned tar and feathering. Can I sell tickets?

Despite clear leads, no-one was punished for making this mess
Our government agencies would rather harass the Road Transport Hall of Fame out of town than bring these cockroaches and maggots to heel. Yes Chris, cockroaches like the dark.

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