This one sentence pretty much sums up the issue of …

Comment on Slow gains on exploding youth crime by Mark Fitzgerald.

This one sentence pretty much sums up the issue of juveniles freely running amok with the legal system:
“Those [alleged ram raid] kids are classic examples of kids who really need ongoing bail support and support around them,” says Ms Wakefield
With all due respect to the honourable member for Braitling, but what a load of bullshit!
If bail conditions include to not re-offend and/or reside at a certain address and/or attend and educational facility and/or to abide by a curfew, then there is no need for “ongoing bail support”.
In exchange for your freedom in attending a later court date, you have agreed to the conditions or sit in a remand cell as only you made the decision to break your bail conditions.
Right about now is when someone in authority should have used their adult voice and simply stated that the alleged offender had made the conscientious decision to re-offend and will enjoy the tanning facilties at the grey bar hotel.
Those with the resources who keep pandering to “poor bugger me broken home” wanna-be crims are just as much of a problem at those who keep re-offending.

Recent Comments by Mark Fitzgerald

Martin Luther King III ‘disheartened’ by what he saw in Alice
Having read his bio, I’m not sure how relevant it was to have Martin Luther King III be the keynote speaker at such an event.
Seems to me that yet another “gravy eyed seagull” has had their hand out and nose in the trough.
Not sure how much it cost to be graced with his presence, but as they say “any publicity is better than no publicity”.

‘Street kids of a kind we haven’t seen before’
Just exactly what “happy clapper” aura are you operating in Phil Walcott?
By the time your “womb wanna-bes” hit the judicial system its too late for your latte resolutions.

‘Street kids of a kind we haven’t seen before’
With all due respect to Antoinette Carroll, the youth problems in Alice Springs, whilst they might be similar to offending in the ACT, it’d be fair to say the percentage of indigenous offenders and associated cultural considerations would be worlds apart.
I’m also curious to see no mention of the use and acceptance of traditional Aboriginal laws and punishments.

Diversity loses in ballot for Deputy Mayor
Well done on the hatchet job and seeming character assassination with the statement of “Jamie de Brenni is a middle-aged white man of conservative politics and a motor sport enthusiast”.

With Jamie being elected, it called democracy and not a stitch up for a female who works for Tom & Jerry – get over yourself Kieran.

Bashings, break-ins, robberies, car thefts: teen girls guilty
Wow – several admitted armed robberies and serious assaults get good behavior bonds or probation … when do the victims get off so lightly?
Do-gooders gone mad and no one wants to take responsibility for their own actions.

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