For more context to Lock the Gate Alliance’s criticism of …

Comment on Fracking probe head rejects suggestion advisors may be compromised by Lauren Mellor.

For more context to Lock the Gate Alliance’s criticism of ACIL Allen’s appointment you can read the full letter to the Fracking Inquiry panel here:
Included are suggestions for strong improvements on transparency and expert oversight of the modelling assumptions ACIL Allen will use, given its atrocious track record of over-inflating economic revenue from the petroleum industry to justify projects that consistently fail to deliver – on jobs, royalties and other taxes paid back to the community.
Given their history elsewhere we can no doubt expect more of the same baseless economic promises for the NT Government to swallow. ACIL Allen are known as the good ole boys in the economic consultancy industry, and with fracking industry hopefuls Jemena and Santos two of its biggest clients there is little doubt their analysis will favour the industry they work for.
Critically, it is far from clear that ACIL Allen will be required to consider other stakeholders such as landholders, and the pastoral and tourism sectors to ensure their interests, both purely economic and often un-costed “externalities” such as water availability and cultural use, are factored in fairly to assessment model assumptions.
If you’re concerned about this appointment you can also use the link above to write directly to the Fracking Inquiry panel and call for a credible economic analysis, and one that considers the costs to communities, other industries and the environment that deserve to be front and centre.

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