God just like Ambulance Chasers – “expert” doctors employed by …

Comment on Fracking probe head rejects suggestion advisors may be compromised by Katherine Marchment.

God just like Ambulance Chasers – “expert” doctors employed by both sides to say how much compensation the victims should receive. He who has the most money wins.
And we can see who is paying the most for “expert” opinion here. We know who has the most money and it aint ordinary and concerned Territorians.
Justice Pepper is a Judge – she should be able to see through this rouse by now as she would have dealt with hundreds of similar cases of “experts” put up by those with the most money wining the day.
As for public tenders – most of the oil frack tenders were already submitted by the time the actual public got to know about it and tender less than a week before closing of tender. This inquiry is starting to look less impartial by the day.

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It’s the economy, stupid (NT style)
It is hard to tackle debt when this government keeps blowing out its already debt laden Budget.
When we have so much corruption and spending unaccounted for.
I think whoever gets in would need to do a full audit of government departments and their spending first before a decision could be made on cost savings and investments that give Territorians a return. Would 1 Territory do this, Sue?

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