These people forget who they are working for … lowest …

Comment on Council rates draft: up 1.5% despite surplus by Greg Latency.

These people forget who they are working for … lowest amount possible my hat …

Recent Comments by Greg Latency

Lhere Artepe director on aggravated assault charge
Not very bright if he doesn’t know what you are doing.
Not very bright to re-offend outside the courthouse where anyone with a smidgen of grey matter knows there is surveillance.
Why is someone charged with aggravated assault allowed to walk the streets?

Let the gas flow, says Nigel Scullion
“Gunna” may well be a limp clown in most areas, but one thing he has (so far) done is stop people like Scullion raping the land for short sighted returns.
Seriously Scullion? Are you smoking crack?

Four more years of same-same
I guess unbiased news isn’t news in these times. Hard to hide disappointment.
The people who were elected are the people the town wanted. Like it or not. To draw a correlation between the size of the field and the number of people wanting change is hopeful at best. And what of democracy? It worked to the extent we have it implemented and we got the people we voted for – like it or not.
It would seem the town just wasn’t ready for a left wing revolution; to be run by people who are actively against some of the most significant influences on this town. Maybe they chose the safe option.

‘Pine Gap hardwires us into any North Korea nuclear conflict’
Why does this nut-job even get airplay? Ranting, thinly veiled under pseudo-academic double-speak. The leaps of “logic” are almost breathtaking.
Australia won’t be dragged anywhere. We have strong ties with the US and will support them in the same way they support us.
“Informed commentators” indeed. Who are they? Dick’s mates at the pub?

Problem drinkers to be banned again, bottlo cops to stay
“Problem drinkers” have always had access to alcohol via their proxies – nothing changed with the CLP and nothing will change on September 1, except the route the alcohol takes and the way the stats will be reported to show success.
Underhandedly, they are trying to tell us they are reintroducing scanning of our licences, and only selectively in problem areas because Darwin or more specifically above the Berrimah line, does not have a drinking problem. They tell us of course that the information isn’t stored, but nobody with any sense would believe that 🙂
Thank you Gunner and the Labor Politburo – you’ve just nanny-stated us back 10 years.

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