Most financial planners and gurus will always tell you to …

Comment on Council rates draft: up 1.5% despite surplus by Michael Dean.

Most financial planners and gurus will always tell you to pay off debt as soon as you can because it will save you money in the long run.
$17,000 is a reasonable amount of rate payer cash to save I would have thought.

Recent Comments by Michael Dean

Alice pips Rock in tourism earnings
@ Psuedo Guru: Costs are a huge factor.
Example: I know one Motel in town that pays council rates of $15K every three months and doesn’t even get a bin picked up from the council.
And then the sewerage costs of $9K every three months as well, let alone electricity bills of between $4K to $5K per month.
Government costs are crippling to most businesses.

Higgins to step down as Opposition Leader
Usual stuff, won’t sell assets, public service jobs safe.
And then if elected they say we didn’t know it was this bad, cuts jobs and sells assets to pay for commitments.

Sex work would devalue people’s homes
Would certainly make people join Neighbourhood Watch, I think.

Street kids: What cops can do
Quote: “If police were to locate youths as young as eight roaming the streets at night unsupervised, they ‘would utilise their powers pursuant to the Care and Protection of Children Act and ensure the youth is conveyed to a responsible person (under the Act) and notify Territory Families.'”
Maybe the police need to spend some time at night hanging around Coles and Yeperenye then they will see dozens of kids as young as eight they can use their powers on.
Or is it a case of, too many kids, take too long, wait until someone rings in with a crime then we will do something.

Kids & cops: All roads lead to Wakefield
From these answers it seems that a lot of reports may or may not be made to Territory Families, but then what happens?
While the report is being drawn up and sent off the kids are running riot around town day and night.

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