I would like to make contact with Margaret Furber if …

Comment on The unfinished business of Sorry Day by Lauris Davidson (nee Penhalluriack).

I would like to make contact with Margaret Furber if she would like to contact me.
Sister Margaret Mary (Eilleen Barrett?) used to bring a group of girls from St John’s Hostel in Alice Springs to visit Melbourne.
We had a house at Carrum which backed onto the beach and Sister Margaret Mary brought the girls to visit us for the day.
Dad and Mum (Christopher and Kathie Penhalluriack) had seen an article in the paper about the girls visiting from Alice Springs and invited them to our house.
For several years some of the girls stayed with us the over Christmas holidays.
Margaret and I were good friends then, having fun in the sea together.
I hope Margaret has happy memories of these times. I do!
I did not know that Margaret had been taken from her parents.
Hope to hear back! Lauris.

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