As always, a beautifully written conduit to experience. Thanks Kieran. Wonderful …

Comment on Dancers slow time to shift perceptions by Jason Quin.

As always, a beautifully written conduit to experience. Thanks Kieran.
Wonderful to see contemporary dance created and shared in Alice Springs. Evocative and provocative … and ephemeral, lucky to catch it.

Recent Comments by Jason Quin

Alice Beat Festival no longer wanted?
Congratulations to you Markus, for all that you’ve achieved, and continue to contribute to cultural life in the NT.
Onwards and upwards.

Partition off Darwin to fix NT’s urban bias: Professor
To paraphrase a former combatant in national politics, this is surely a conversation we have to have.
Around the world, there is a crisis of government – legitimacy, accountability, and so on – and Australia is no exception.
Good on you, Rolf, for bravely arguing for a new world.

Celebrating sunshine with a 3000 km race
Great write-up.
I remember it starting up when I was in school in Adelaide and being fascinated by the sci-fi nature of the spectacle: Qe had teams trying to build junior versions.
We need more people inspired by “things to come” so we can lend our energies to better shaping the future.
An interesting parable in comparing this global race of innovation, and our governments ploughing millions into fossil-fuel burning entertainment.

Burst of desert art and life in Sydney CBD
I hope we get to see this on a ‘big-screen’ in Central Australia, soon!

Journalists as prostitutes
Makes me think of the quote, rightly or wrongly attributed to Orwell:
Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed. Everything else is public relations.

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