CLP wants Estimates compromise, attacks government spin

p2239-Gary-Higgins-2Sir – It is disappointing Government has not provided a response to an offer from Opposition and Independent MLAs that would see a return to full participation in the Budget Estimates process.


In response to a formal request from Government to end the impasse we have proposed a compromise solution of 45 hours to question ministers about budget spending commitments.


This was half-way between the 60 hours sought by Opposition and Independent members and 30 hours approved by Government. We want a resolution and while acknowledging the chief minister is at COAG, do not understand why it has taken so long to provide a response to our offer.


I know a lot of hard work, research and preparation go into responding to these questions and I am deeply grateful to public servants who make the Estimates process work so well.


The “unprecedented transparency” referred to by the Leader of Government business in her media release is misleading spin.


These questions and answers are always posted on the Legislative Assembly website, and are available for public scrutiny any time.


Gary Higgins

Opposition Leader




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