I imagine there may be some answers to Diane’s questions …

Comment on 13 year old denied bail after rampage by Pete.

I imagine there may be some answers to Diane’s questions in a few weeks from Commissioner White and Commissioner Gooda who, incidentally, made his views known via Twitter in the days before his appointment.

Recent Comments by Pete

Council to introduce kerbside recycling
Perhaps the 2016-17 budget surplus could be used to cover these costs instead of levying an extra charge.
Waiting for the minutes of last week’s council meeting to be published to see what was discussed about this, but alarmingly it appears it may have spilled over into the Confidential section?

Cut mining royalties to land councils: elder
Intrigued to see the recent ad for a newly created executive management role at the CLC, which had no defined position description nor published salary. Quite extraordinary.

New booze plan: POSI may be on the way out
The police do a tough and often thankless job in this town. However it is disappointing there wasn’t full POSI coverage over the recent showday long weekend. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Town pool problems: No end in sight
I was surprised to hear on ABC radio today that the defective pool tiling was originally installed only for aesthetic reasons and that a painted surface is perfectly adequate and will allow at least an interim re-opening by the end of the month.
Would be interesting to know why tiles were chosen in the first place, how much extra they added to the price, and what the councils intentions are for the pool surfacing going forward.

Cr Brown: Keep the civic centre loan until surplus is known
“We might just win Lotto between now and then.”
Does Council maintain an entry in the weekly Saturday night draw on behalf of ratepayers? What budget line does that come under?

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