As the victim of a recent violent home invasion, it …

Comment on 13 year old denied bail after rampage by Brett.

As the victim of a recent violent home invasion, it is such a relief to see a judge take [decisions] seriously.
In my case the 15 year old offender was released before I was released from hospital.
I wonder if the crimes happened to the judge or his family.

Recent Comments by Brett

No plans to stop NATS: Gunner
Why not ban it?
When Gunner (do nothing) shut down open speed limits, he claimed it was because it is dangerous. Center NATS has officially hurt more people than open limits. So?
It also has the other feature that Gunner (do nothing) hates: Adam Giles though of it.

Will Aboriginal councillor be blocked from town camps?
Yet he had no problem with “indigenous” councillor Chansey Paech. I hope for Mr Shaw’s sake, someone reminds him of Tang’s charter, his contract and several pledges he made to be politically neutral.

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