Pamela, it’s pretty simple. It’s the child of the parents, …

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Pamela, it’s pretty simple. It’s the child of the parents, so the child is the parents’ responsibility, end of story.
I argue very much against your suggestion “we are all responsible”.
If the parents had taken their responsibility, this would not have become society’s problem.
By allowing it to become society’s problem is actually removing empowerment from the parents.
Society has rules, good and bad. We make a choice to abide by them or not.
Break the rules by choice and accept the consequences.
Plenty of people have had trauma as children, much worse than this lad. They have grown up to be fine people.
How can you hold your hand to your heart and even contemplate blaming society?

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13 year old denied bail after rampage
Pamela. Parenting starts from the day they are born. His father probably wasn’t in remand then and his mother was alive then.
So are you saying he was cared for and a model citizen before his mothers tragic death and his fathers remand?
Hence my “parents responsibility” comment meaning to carry the responsibility for many years.
So, he got caught, punished and now it’s traumatic. All caused by his own actions on multiple occasions.
You conveniently neglect to offer an opinion on his victims.
Do you think they are not traumatised in someway? What did they do to deserve this? Do they have the money for repairs? Who will ask them and who cares? Well someone should care.
Unfortunately we live in a real world not a fairyland where anyone can do what they want and get away with it.
His crimes were his choices and he failed one of the tests of life.

13 year old denied bail after rampage
@ Diane: I’m a little unsure what you are trying to say here.
Doesn’t the responsibility belong to the parents in the first instance?
If the parents don’t wish to take that responsibility, then unfortunately it becomes a “government societal responsibility”, but the harsh reality is that society as a whole, suffers.
We then react by, limiting when we go out, become more security conscious about our houses, cars and personal safety.
We become unwilling prisoners in our own society.
How is this fair and just?
In my opinion, in the case of minors, the parents must become responsible, if they can’t / won’t, then the minor must accept the responsibility.
Remembering that so many of these crimes are what I would consider adult crimes, they should be dealt with accordingly i.e. in an adult way.

13 year old denied bail after rampage
Well done Judge Borchers, you clearly have the courage of your convictions.
We need more people like you.
Hopefully you receive the backing so needed in these instances.
Perhaps some pollies will support you too, if they have the guts.
Mr Bhutani needs a serious alignment of his moral compass or a reality check.
The evidence is overwhelming and yet he has the audacity to attempt to make ridiculous excuses for Corbett in an attempt for leniency.
Clearly he is too used to getting away with piss poor excuses, but not this time.
As for CAALAS lodging a complaint against the Judge, on what grounds?
I would expect that CAALAS would support the upholding of the law! And that they would consider that Corbett had already breached his bail conditions. So what have they got to complain about this time?
Let’s hope this doesn’t turn into a race thing … again!

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I’m with Janet Brown on this. She puts it succinctly and eloquently.

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When I go walking my dog at night, I carry a knife for protection.
It’s about risk assessment. The risk of being attacked or menaced is a lot higher than being caught by the police, so it makes sense.
In the unlikely event I get caught by the police, I’ll cry that I had a bad childhood or use the race card and the court system will let me go with a smack on the wrist.
To do otherwise would be seen as racially prejudicial.

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Wow, those girls must be so fu**ing tough. To be able to rob a 71 year old. Perhaps we could nominate them for some kind of award.
How about the Sewer Rat Award? We could get one of the piss weak pollies to be MC.

Suddenly everyone is talking about 1Territory
Why is it that the pollies who did this are not held to account?
Surely in the legal system there is an avenue as there would be for former company directors?
I wish 1Territory the best of luck and they will get my vote.

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Steve Brown: You raise some excellent points Steve, however you seem to be overlooking one very important fact.
If the government wanted to consult the masses, they should have taken the opinions more seriously.
The fact that they didn’t, is disrespectful to the taxpayer. So, was it just lip service?
I think you’ll find that this may be what has pissed people off.

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