‘Surprised!’ – The child’s father is being held on remand, …

Comment on 13 year old denied bail after rampage by Pamela Nathan.

‘Surprised!’ – The child’s father is being held on remand, awaiting trial for the alleged murder of the child’s mother. He has no parents caring for him. The treatment of this traumatised child by the “justice” system is tragic.

Pamela Nathan Also Commented

13 year old denied bail after rampage
The lived life of Child 1 is most distressing.
The Judge’s raging condemnation is most distressing.
How can one repeat to a traumatised child “none cares about you?”
His mother is dead and his father is charged with the murder.
How can one accuse failure of parental responsibility?
Child 1 went on a rampage.
His life has been rampaged, ruptured, shattered and broken.
Child 1 needs care and containment and concern. It is an indictment and massive failure of systems that Child 1 can only be incarcerated.
The lawyer was unable to put his case.
We are all responsible for the trauma and plight of this Child 1.

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