In my opinion the judge has shown a deep level …

Comment on Judge Borchers’ position should be assessed: CAALAS by MyView.

In my opinion the judge has shown a deep level of compassion for this young man.
He obviously strongly belives all children have a right to be looked after, cared for, fed and protected.
For probably a number of reasons this young person was not, but all of those reasons do not negate the responsibility of his family or the right of the child, who was sadly being let down.
I also think the judge has shown how important each individual, this young man included, is to society.
He’s demonstated that this young man is so important that we as a society can’t ignore the disrepectful behaviour. That even though it would be easier to ignore it and give the boy bail, that young man is worth the effort.
By letting him off it sends a clear message he is not important enough to put the effort into.
By making the stand he has the judge is showing the lad he is important as a person, far too important to let slip through the cracks. Far too important to undermine the man that boy has the potential to be.
Allowing the current behaviour to continue would undermine the boy’s future, but would ensure the future of CAALAS.

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Kittles car yard empty after kids run amok
The police are only human, they can’t see into the future and their hands are tied in that the only time they can actually do something is when an offence is actually being or has been committed.
They have a whole town to watch over, it’s not as if this area is the only place this happens, it happens all over town.
When the police can catch them, they often get let off by the judicial system (and when the judges don’t just let them off they get criticised).
More pressure needs to be put on the parents who let kids wander the street at all hours.
The kids need to have consequences for anti social actions. Blaming the police isn’t helping the situation. I’ll bet they feel the same sense of dispair and discouragement that we do.
I don’t know the answer, but I do know it doesn’t involve blaming the police.

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It won’t help my almost unusable Wifi in the Ilparpa area.

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