It seems that potential problems are being built into the …

Comment on Electricity union predicts more blackouts by Mark Wilson.

It seems that potential problems are being built into the supply.
Is this simply cost cutting, or an attempt to make us all turn to supplying our own power sufficiency much like is happening in South Australia where companies with refrigeration plants and essential services are being forced to install expensive back-up generators?
Here in the NT where the Government owns the supply it seems less than satisfactory.
Next summer seems we are being softened up to accept regular power outages.
Third World stuff.

Recent Comments by Mark Wilson

Hall of Fame has to pay for manager the government appointed
Soy Sauce Sally and her mob will bring us all down.
Time for a good ol’ fashioned tar and feathering. Can I sell tickets?

Despite clear leads, no-one was punished for making this mess
Our government agencies would rather harass the Road Transport Hall of Fame out of town than bring these cockroaches and maggots to heel. Yes Chris, cockroaches like the dark.

Soy sauce now only from a bottlo
Fantastic news! This could prove the first win for our Liquor Commission. We can all sleep soundly knowing that no one intoxicated by soy sauce will be invading our homes and running amok.

‘Gunner the Betrayer’
Bruce, some people would sell their own mother if there was a buck in it.
Many of these decisions, with I fear worse to come, both Territory and Federal, are being made for budget bottom lines at the expense of long term national needs. It’s the consequence of governments being in heavy structural deficit.

Why the NT Govt sacked the volunteers managing an icon
None of this makes much sense.
It seems that a very broke government that cannot manage its own affairs is determined to take down a Territory and Alice icon with them.
If in five years the town still has the Hall of Fame I will be surprised.

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