I commend the whole of Council and particularly Cr Eli …

Comment on Cr Melky saves ratepayers $100,000+ by Concerned tjilpi.

I commend the whole of Council and particularly Cr Eli Melky for reaching a decision to pay off the loan. Setting aside the consultative process that occurred and the testy moments when fellow councillors debated the matter, it brought out the best in those we have elected to represent us all at Town Council. As Tony Jones often says at the end of Q&A, “Give yourselves a clap”.

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Councillors: do we need Federal intervention on ‘crime wave’?
Thank you Steve Thorne.
I hope you are reading this from afar. You obviously may have have a connection to “Central Australia” and maybe even Alice Springs.
You have hit the nail on the head.
From Alex’s comments to our contemporaries who comment on our future we all have one thing in common.
We have chosen to live here in The Alice for many reasons and many who live here because they were born here accept us for what we are. That’s why we stay.
Steve, you pose a great message to us all and that is to follow up on what you suggest.
Maybe, in going one step further, we could invite such success participants as yourself to our town. Allow you all to address a public forum telling your success accomplishments to everyone who wants to hear and not just meet the selected few who may believe they are wiser than all of us.
Yes, there are obvious blame stories to suggest that the town is failing but every one of us would dearly love to see a much safer place for all and I guess no more so than the brave business people who keep our supplies available to us.
They are the reason why many more of us need to seriously look at what you are suggesting, Steve, and take this opportunity to be pro-active and better informed.
Thank you for supplying the contact for Gosnells and I would encourage anyone who wants to do so to contact this group.
I will and I hope many others do, so that the information we receive we can share with each other and not just have to depend on the few community representative organisations who may not be “authorised” to report their findings back to us.
I believe we all must chip in and offer something better than snide remarks about how to make our town a flourishing one for tourists to enjoy coming to.

Alice group says ‘no’ to extradition of Assange
John Bell, I couldn’t agree with you more, we do live in “a town that has a magnificent sporting tradition”.

Alice group says ‘no’ to extradition of Assange
John Bell, I couldn’t agree with you more: “We are a town that has a magnificent sporting tradition.”
My reading of what Ms Richardson was referring to was “a public meeting” and not about a “Socialist group rally”.
Ms Richardson also pointed out that Mr Assange is Australian.
No doubt he rattled some cages but in doing so he was informing us of information most of us knew nothing about and may never have. Fair go Aussie.
I love my sport, but I dearly love living and by being kept informed I would therefore take this public opportunity to thank people like Mr Assange for sharing such important information with us all, whether a Socialist or otherwise.
Sunday’s meeting, I believe, is a public forum, at least, that’s what I read.

Alice group says ‘no’ to extradition of Assange
Been a while since I commented, but Formerlocal4 beats all comments.
Ms Richardson, you raise very credible points eg Mr Assange is Australian, not a US citizen, and yes, he is enduring solitary confinement and harsh conditions for information leaked to him from a whistleblower.
This man is not a traitor. He was informing us mere citizens of information, no different from other war crimes we are inclined to encourage being investigated, eg The Nuremberg Trials.
Pity we didn’t have an Assange then, maybe a lot less or no innocent people would have been taken from this earth merely because not even they knew what their fate was!
Now we have all been informed of what we should be made aware of, but no, these particular war crimes it seems must be kept secret, that is, unless you are a family member or a close relative of the victims and as a consequence continue to grieve because of such attempted cover ups.
I ponder to think what Formerlocal4 feels he has to offer to this group of supporters with his comments but at least Ms Richardson and I publish our names to receive whatever comes our way.
I do hope one day you realise that those of us who stay in the Alice do so because “control” is not a factor to consider, living together and caring is more our style.

‘Save Anzac Oval’ motion defeated
Councillors Melky, Satour, Cocking and Banks – your support and motion to clearly dispel any previous confusion about the government’s preference to build on or at Anzac Oval because of its proximity to the CBD and furthermore to be heard supporting the outcome of the council survey was noted by all present at the council meeting last night.
Likewise, to all the speakers who provided reasoned debate to consider alternatives to Anzac Oval being the “chosen” venue, your voices were also heard.
It is sad to be a resident and hear such disharmony and to come away believing that a democratic process such as the survey outcome, carried out in a transparent way by council staff, whom councillor Melky publicly congratulated, is not being acted on.
Why have the survey?

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