Walkers keeping an eye on it

2457 Rotary walkers 1 OK




The inaugural cross-country walk yesterday raising funds for the Alice Springs eye clinic has netted $3500, with more pledged.


It is a Rotary initiative. Co-ordinator Anjali Palmer, incoming president of the Mbantua club, says 14 walkers took part, some doing the entire distance from Simpson’s Gap to Alice Springs. This is stage one of the Larapinta Trail.


There were three teams with a total of 14 walkers. Nine support workers cooked breakfast at the start, provided lunch at Wallaby Gap and welcomed the walkers at the site where the Henley on Todd is run.


Ms Palmer says the club is determined to turn event into a national and international attraction, benefiting from our great winter weather and the beauty of the West MacDonnell Ranges.


PHOTO (from left): Bec Smith, Anna Huigen, Nick Tyllis, Michelle Liu (the eye), eye surgeon Dr Tim Henderson, Bill Palmer, Ernie Richards and Neil Ross.




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