Dale McIver is spot on. As some one who has …

Comment on Advice on ‘insane’ air fares from blackfeller Bob Katter by Peter Downey.

Dale McIver is spot on. As some one who has been closely involved in tourism and Aboriginal issues she is close to the issue as opposed to others on the panel who were there to push their own issues perceived or otherwise, or get public exposure.
I well remember on a visit to Alice Springs some years-ago walking over the Tod River bridge on Stott Terrace. Halfway across I found myself walking towards an Aboriginal man. Initially I felt uncomfortable.
Here was I looking straight ahead well dressed and enjoying the morning while he was poorly dressed with a bowed head and looking down.
Initially I felt ill at ease but realised this was a the wrong attitude and that he was no different to me except for appearance and I was ashamed with my initial reaction.
So I looked him in the face and said in passing “g’day Mate”, where upon he looked up and said “Yea g’day it is a good day isn’t it”.
The only difference between us apart from the color of our skin was that I came from a middle income family, was well educated and had a well paid job. And I can not help but feel that if he had had the same opportunities as me there would be little between us.
It is time, if not past time, that we as a nation treated these people as our equal and took the politics and grand standing out of the Indigenous issue and treated them as our equal.
If the way these people live and were white Caucasians, can you imagine the public outrage?

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