Arrernte was taught for a term at the new Braitling …

Comment on Respect language and the loss of language: NAIDOC forum by Fiona Mcloughlin.

Arrernte was taught for a term at the new Braitling Preschool this year and the children from a huge range of cultural backgrounds loved learning the language with Margie Smith. She was a good teacher however she is in high demand and required to teach it at other schools and couldn’t continue. The children and parents were sad to no longer have it being taught. Funding should support this program for all children to learn some language and cultural knowledge who live in AS. My own children learnt it a bit at Anzac HS with Sabella Turner who too was a good teacher quite sometime ago now.
Funding should also be allocated to two way learning in schools and have the ability for children to learn to read and write and become multi lingual in the system. If language truly matters then the system has to change. This has been said by many of those amazing ladies you spoke to for over 40 years and it’s still being said. No funding support from any Govt has really ever supported strong language and cultural teaching as well as strong English literacy teaching so all children can be taught their identity and diverse cultural knowledge that enables them to be literate people who can negotiate their world and truly be global citizens with equal power.

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