Building this taxpayer funded white elephant in Alice Springs to …

Comment on Bright future, sheer talent, the MONA effect: upbeat NAIDOC by Come in Spinner.

Building this taxpayer funded white elephant in Alice Springs to have a “MONA effect”. Now that’s “dreaming!”

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Aboriginal flag on Anzac Hill? Give the right to others as well.
The so called “Australian” flag has a very foreign emblem dominating it and should be disqualified from being flown alongside the Territory and Aboriginal flags.

New proof that Aborigines have been in Oz 65,000 years
@ David: Absolutely zero mention of this on the Northern Land Council website and yet it is big news for Aboriginal culture and their connection to country.

Another early intervention program for troubled kids
These sort of program can make a difference and the Flinders Foundation seems to have a good reputation. Outdoor programs are ace!

Bushmob quits Loves Creek deal: Government let us down
Bushmob are such a bunch of spoilsports. No doubt the pollies and bureaucrats in Darwin were enjoying their regular catered morning teas to celebrate the success of the program.

Hordes of kids rampage: 50 cars hit
Looks like at least $100K in damages to Kittles Motors (a Toyota dealership with major Aboriginal investment) and Leigh would like know about “models” in relation to her 30 years of experience…

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