Cattle in great condition at the Show

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2459 Show bull 1 OKBy ERWIN CHLANDA


Cattle in excellent condition paraded at the opening of the Alice Springs Show today, attracting – organisers’ best guess – a crowd bigger than last year when 17,000 came through the gate, 10,000 on the first day.


There are about 35 sale bulls and 50 station cattle from three properties, Undoolya, Ammaroo and the Department of Primary Industry’s station.


A star at tomorrow’s bull sale is likely to be the Red Angus (pictured) chosen as the Supreme Champion Bull, shown by Mark Llewellyn from Keith, SA.


Last year’s top price for bulls was about $9000.


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Up close and personal with feathered and furry friends.


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Agricultural and horticultural exhibits were popular.


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2459 Show cars 1 OK


A small drop in trade displays gave car enthusiasts a chance to store their stuff.


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Sue Ride gave the Governor General a tour of the horticulture pavilion. He later opened the Show.


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Erwin Chlanda, Editor

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