All bulls find buyers at Show sale

2459 bull sale 1By ERWIN CHLANDA


All 37 bulls offered for sale at the Show this morning were sold for an average price of just under $5000 with a Poll Hereford topping the auction at $8000.


That breed also had the highest number of beasts on offer (11) and scored the highest average price at $5182.


They were followed by Angus and Santa Gertrudis (both $5167), Droughtmaster ($5100), Red Angus ($5000) and Charolais ($4000).


Buyers came from Stirling, Tieyon, Todd River, Undoolya and Sandover stations, as well as PF & CJ Brown, AW & K Fennell and cash buyers.


The selling agents were Territory Rural.




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Erwin Chlanda, Editor

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  1. Maya
    Posted July 10, 2017 at 4:57 pm

    First time ever that I stopped at the auction ring and followed the auction proceedings. Such a pleasant experience after 32 years in the NT to be immersed in its traditional pastoral industry.
    I enjoyed it very much. Our cattle is just beautiful and well looked after.
    I also discovered the many grasses growing in the paddocks and their relative nutritional values.
    The Show is not only the merry-go-round and the jams and cakes.
    It is a wonderful reflection of life in The Centre. One of the only occasions where the community enjoys the togetherness. Thank you to the Alice Springs Show Society and the organisers.

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