My wife and I have visited Alice several times as …

Comment on Town camp women stand against violence by Charlie Hull.

My wife and I have visited Alice several times as I have a mate there. We love love it there. The other two comments are right: First the respect must start at the family level, a basis for non violence begins there. Young men need to be taught early – not wait until they are teens to begin.
Young girls need to be taught to earn respect. It is not just a given. Both girls’ and boys’ attitudes towards sex must change, that it should be saved for marriage. It is not just a handshake.
Both need to be taught the attitude of the other towards sex as we do think differently about it. One side or the other cannot do as they please without effecting the other.
A heart change is also needed; this will only come through the Lord Jesus Christ.
The women are right to march against the violence but they hold the key in how they will teach their children and their attitudes towards this subject. Do not wait for government action. Start now in your homes.

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