This is a great adventure, a hard ride with serious …

Comment on Coast to coast ‘grand tour’ for cycling architects  by Andrea.

This is a great adventure, a hard ride with serious intent. I do hope Bobby and Owen light a passionate discussion (they always are) in Alice.

It is a community that is hard working, resilient and creative so I expect new activities and pride in what AS means to Australia.

Their travelled and fresh young eyes are always a good lens with which to view your town, refresh your energy, implement necessary change and make it more just and inclusive.

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Problem kids: The whole town must help
Dear Mr Brown: Excellent idea. So, on a positive note, a suggestion.
I’ve just returned from Siem Reap in Cambodia.
Here street kids are given shelter and trained in a variety of different arts.
It is run by an NGO called Phare – The “Cambodian Circus”.
It entertains tourist every night of the year so that all the trained children have an opportunity to participate.
Phare, the NGO that supports this initiative, has been run by locals and SR businesses for years. It is similar to the Flying Fruit Fly Circus which started in Albury in the 70s when I worked in Wodonga. Albury was not much bigger than Alice Springs at the time.
Flying fruitfly now trains communities and their children throughout Australia and could assist the AS community in such an enterprise.
The Cambodian Circus teachers and carers are both professionals artists and volunteers, with the requisite arts skills and rehabilitation skills.
The students learn to compose the music using traditional gamelan and modern instruments.
They write the scripts for each circus show and this helps them deal with their problems and previous way of life.
They also design and build or make all the sets and costumes.
They are the biggest tourist attraction in Siem Reap and perform nightly all year.
The shop next to their permanent tent sells tickets but also quality toys and artworks made by the students.
Three of the students were asked to join Cirque du Soleil and the others have useful skills for future employment.
Like many children, I wanted to join the circus as a child.
Surplus energy and nothing else to do causes inevitable mischief!
This form of training teaches them a great deal about self-discipline and the joy of doing well something they love.

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