“This be should of great concern for Alice Springs residents …

Comment on Review, don’t celebrate Pine Gap: Alice peace group by Puss ‘n’ Boots.

“This be should of great concern for Alice Springs residents and all Australian citizens particularly as experts such as Tanter have pointed out that Pine Gap’s role in the US nuclear war plans and even major conventional war make Pine Gap and therefore Alice Springs a ‘pretty high priority nuclear missile target in the event of a major conflict between the United States and Russia or China’.”
What a load of bollocks. If this was so why hasn’t Pine Gap been made a major target?
Never read such BS and hysterical rhetoric in all my life. Makes The Kardashians Pretty Little Liars (pun intended).

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Street kids: No Protective Custody but Care Orders
Kids at large in the street late at night, early in the morning are at risk … simple as.
Police need to proceed with a Child Protection Notification and the after hours service swing into action.
Foster care is bloody hard but don’t Indigenous communities have multiple aunties? Should they be approached and formal arrangements made?
If a child takes off then it is the Indigenous communities’ elders who should be making the plans.
These kids are bored, a really dangerous situation as bored kids lead to out of control kids.
Indigenous kids require Indigenous adult intervention, not white man’s law.

Hostel for kids, healing a split town: candidate’s vision
Kids roaming the streets at night, gathering together and causing mayhem is not unique to Alice Springs; happens everywhere. Was evident when I was a kid, my parents were kids, my grandparents were kids, my great grandparents…well you get the gist.
It isn’t new and many people have tried various activities and strategies to get the kids of the streets; entertainment venues, sports activities, hostels, punishment, rewards..you name it is has been tried with minimal success. Just ask some of the youth workers and they will give you an accurate account of what happens; you do what you can, try to monitor and safeguard the kids and community but in the end nothing changes.

Communal meeting place to facilitate integration- good luck on that one. Have only seen this type of concept work in countries where there is a strong family oriented culture ie China and some of the Asian countries.

Indigenous artists having to get a permit to do their artwork and sell it in the CBD, absolutely not!!
Who is getting the benefit of the pedestrian traffic generated by these artists, isn’t it the other traders?

Talk about revenue raising and abusing one of Alice Springs main tourist magnets, you’ve got it down pat Alice Springs Council!!

Like your passion, Donna, but as we know kids are kids and you can’t change them, the only change is if they choose to change and if you can find the ‘magic’ that changes their behaviour then bottle it as it will be in high demand.

Aboriginal flag on Anzac Hill? Give the right to others as well.
All very well to want people to play nice and let go of the past but the wounds and atrocities don’t just disappear.
There will always be a you and us mentality, that is the way of the world, to expect anything else is naive to say the least, but we can at least acknowledge, accept and respect cultural differences and be responsible and accountable for our own actions.
What happened in the past has shaped who we are. We can’t dismiss it but I do agree we can’t live in the past, but we can sure learn from the past and that enables us to move forward.
Let the traditional owners of the land have their flag flying high and prominent on Untyeyetwelye. It acknowledges them and reminds us we are a part of their land, not that they are a part of our land.

More of Feds’ trillion dollar spend for Indigenous providers
@ Surprised: CDP providers preferably to be Indigenous people to serve indigenous people … what is wrong with that?
You mention CERT IV will be the yardstick for NGOs. Where do you get that information? Cert II and III from varying industry sectors can be used.
As to setting people up to fail … really?
Would someone of your own culture and knowing your abilities deliberately set you up to fail?
Find that difficult to believe.

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