Is Pine Gap really the necessary cost to shelter under …

Comment on Review, don’t celebrate Pine Gap: Alice peace group by Ralph.

Is Pine Gap really the necessary cost to shelter under the US military umbrella?
Of course not.
With the rise of China, the USA needs a strong ally in this part of the world.
It simply isn’t true that the base either protects us or makes a nuclear attack less likely.
Quite the opposite.
All out nuclear war is MAD (mutually assured destruction) so limited nuclear war is far more likely.
Pine Gap is a target in a limited exchange because it is an important eyes and ears of the US military so taking it out downgrades US war fighting capability.
The loss of the base would not trigger MAD, it would be part of a tit for tat exchange of nukes.
Our town could be the collateral damage in a superpower conflict.

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It is not helpful either to the environment nor to ratepayers that the council charges such high fees.
Disposal of general waste – Commercial $127.80.
Disposal of clean fill and rocks > 20cm / demolition / concrete (per ton) $127.80.
Disposal of Whitegoods – $67.20.
Disposal of large truck tyres (not mining / industrial truck tyres) $80.80.

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