Regardless of how the fires are lit, the result is …

Comment on Save our trees: reduce Buffel, call 000, collaborate by Peter Jobson.

Regardless of how the fires are lit, the result is still the same.

Major international cities overseas would kill for a green belt such as what we have in Alice Springs, particularly as it satisfies on so many levels: culturally, environmentally, and good old fashioned aesthetically.

It is great to see our community being proactive in stopping the destruction long before it is irreversible. It is also encouraging to see a Landcare unit being established to do preventative measures such as buffel removal and allowing the re-establishment of the native flora. Programs such as these have been a great success in such places as Sydney Harbour, where these kind of community based activities have done wonders in returning natural vegetation from what looked like a biological disaster zone, and in saving the extinction of a beautiful she-oak exclusive to the Harbour.

With a sound community base, I am sure the efforts in grant funding from the various levels of government will be forthcoming. It just answers so many factors that purveyors of grants request: community involvement, local cultural interaction, and a positive, visible outcome.

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Inquiry into fracking: Giving it the green light?
Darren, I always love the “jobs for people” mantra. Always makes me laugh.
We already have a healthy gasfield 200 km to the west of Alice Springs (Mereenie). People working out there have a high probability of living here. How many people do you know work there?
Because I have to say I have never met one. Met a lot of public servants and people working in the indigenous service industry.
Now, when I lived in Perth almost every street had someone working in the Pilbara. I’m not saying there won’t be jobs, I just don’t believe in the numbers splashed around by the mining industry.
Let’s hope the east coast are prepared to sell us water at a cheaper rate than us selling them gas – because we most likely will need their water more than they will need our gas, once we have that 1st – opps! “didn’t know that would happen” accident concerning the aquifers.

Same sex marriage campaign in the bush takes to YouTube
@2 John Bell: Because equality of rights is about white heterosexual men giving the same privileges only to other white heterosexual men. You might call that equality, but the 21st century has a new term for it: Bigotry.
You lack empathy, basically. You can have all the world at your feet to plunder, but it is denied to others for any glittery reason you care to wrap it around in.
Fortunately, Jesus wasn’t a bigot – he devoted big chunks of his time to surround himself with the disadvantaged of the day and to call out their plight.
He only wanted followers that supported his empathy and compassion. He wasn’t interested in the others and called them out as such. I’m VERY aware which platform he would be standing on today.
Live in the knowledge that you consider some of the people who you call “friends” as inferior to you. Some friend you are.

Alice’s upbeat YES campaign for marriage equality
Evelyne Roullet: Hear! Hear! Now that is a referendum I would vote YES to if asked: Should women receive equal pay to men for all paid positions?

Alice’s upbeat YES campaign for marriage equality
R Henry: Thank Goodness you aren’t a medical practitioner because your argument harks back to the 1950s and 60s.
It’s lovely that you have an opinion, but it might be best that you stick to giving an opinion to what you do truly know – and that obviously isn’t the current research in gender studies. Surgery to remove homosexuality is such a draconian method.

Alice’s upbeat YES campaign for marriage equality
R. Henry: At what age did you make the conscious decision that you would be attracted to the opposite sex? Homosexuality is not a conscious decision, but a biological one – exactly the same one that made you attracted to the opposite gender.
I’m saddened the local No voters are not organised to encourage those that agree with them to ensure their vote is posted. Based on public social media they are anything but keeping silent or keeping their views to themselves.
De facto sounds awesome, until the law comes in. There are a number of cracks in this legislation that leave people vulnerable, so it does need to be strengthened and improved.
If marriage is to be restricted to just a man and a woman and everyone else can have something else, maybe we could restrict income tax to between a white straight man or woman and we could call it something else for the homosexuals and they could pay considerably less, considering they don’t deserve equal rights. Sounds incredible fair to me.

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