The current state of children roaming the streets at night …

Comment on Street kids: No Protective Custody but Care Orders by Let’s blame the kids?.

The current state of children roaming the streets at night can be attributed I feel to ineffective and inappropriate statutory services provision for care and protection for children, for years now.
The situation cannot be attributed only to dear Dale Wakefield; who is doing a wonderful job of ducking and running for cover.
The thing is that the government and the statutory services such as Territory Families are run by people too worried about their own level of power within the government and within the statutory agency, and having power and control over others, huge salaries and a false sense of self worth.
Recently a senior Territory Families manager was toasted at a community services meeting. She could not tell the members of the meeting what if anything, Territory Families had done to alleviate the terrible situation with youth in the night time in Alice Springs. Incidentally she is one of the managers who is involved in the terrible bullying of staff at Territory Families.
The future for the children wandering the streets at night is at great risk. Just like those in the work camps in Germany during the second world war the children of Alice Springs have no voice.
What if all the pedophiles get a hold of this. Will they be cruising the Alice Springs Town at night, looking for young victims? It smacks of third world status.
Shame on Dale Wakefield the Northern Territory Government and shame on all the institutions that support this shameful situation!
You would think that everyone involved knows about the problem.
Parents and caregivers alike a pulling their hair out over the situation.
Why don’t the self satisfying, self important, all powerful managers and politicians get off their own self importance consideration and do something?
As for you parents, if my child left the house at nigh it would be important to me if I found that child and prevented them from putting themselves at risk again, making sure they stay home at night.
Not letting them wander the street or township to get fornicated by filthy pedophiles paying them for sex.
Children are turning up with life changing sexually transmitted diseases, as young as nine and 10 years of age. I wonder when there will be an epidemic outbreak of HIV AIDS?
What are we going to say then? This is not just a local Northern Territory shame it is also a national shame.
I wonder if there are child sex workers in the main centers of Sydney and Melbourne.
Are those areas and governments also turning a blind eye and deaf ear to the problem or are they dealing with it?

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Street kids: No Protective Custody but Care Orders
Gees, Terry Carr, did you actually read any of the comments before you made yours?
You sound like a very narrow minded person! Short sighted and one eyed.
Yes, blame the children and the parents for the shithouse useless agencies and government that have failed them for years and are still doing so!

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Mother of girl ‘denied education’ contacts Children’s Commissioner
Well so there we are Ray and old mate, think it is OK for a six year old to be told to go home from school by the principal every day and to be spoken to like a dog. Good on you both!

Mother of girl ‘denied education’ contacts Children’s Commissioner
So it seems as though this principal makes a point of utilizing a power over attitude with community members.
It also appears that now we have found out some of the rest of the story behind the story of the poor little six year old girl not being allowed to attend the school.
It seems as though the principal wants to contol everything that happens in the community.

Six-year-old banned from bush school: Grandmother
I think, Ronnie, the principal’s standards and abilities are very low if they cannot manage to let a six year old, who wants to go to school, and whose family wants her to go to school, to go to school.
This seems to be one of those “power over” situations when the white fulla has all the power over the Aboriginal fullas, and yes, Aboriginals are there for you to criticize.
The whole point of the article is the little six year old is not allowed to go to school and this leaves her vulnerable to all you adult people to blame her.
How can it be her fault? She is six years old.
It is the obligation of education employees to ensure she is able to get an education.
Otherwise why do taxpayers pay taxes and teachers for them to muck kids lives up?
Think again, you adult, who is saying it is right to for an adult employee of education to deny a six year old her education?

Six-year-old banned from bush school: Grandmother
Dear Ray, it looks to me like you are trying to say it is right for a six year old to be banned from school! Shame on you!

Six-year-old banned from bush school: Grandmother
This is just terrible! Talk about the difference between black and white? Would this be allowed to happen to a white child in a town school? I don’t think so!
What are education staff doing? Why and how on earth can this happen to a six year old? Its the systemic racism isn’t it?
The education department are denying but the child the family and the community are all under the impression that it is happening. The community is angry. They should be. If this principal or what ever is allowed to treat one child like this is there a possibility she could treat another child or others like this. What’s behind all this?
Come on, my Aboriginal brothers and sisters, rise up and help this child? Help us all now and in the future.
Do something! Make a noise. We shouldn’t have to take this crappy treatment.
Change this BS for future generations. Cry out, let the world know how they treat us and our children.

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