“Tom” needs to brush up on his comprehension of the …

Comment on Four more years of same-same by Erwin Chlanda.

“Tom” needs to brush up on his comprehension of the words Communist and Green.
The Alice Springs News Online has a proud record of independence from government and political party influence. We have reported on, or commented about, significant issues of economic development while the council presided for 10 years over the slide of Alice Springs towards being a welfare town.
The council only had to look down the road at the Port Augusta Solution, reported by us in detail, to see what a resolute local government can achieve.
Here are some initiatives we covered which the council could either take or have a powerful influence in making a reality:-
• Move the garbage dump from the centre of the municipality whilst leaving the transfer station and the recycling centre in their present location.
• Replace the pungent sewerage plant with a recycling facility that would fit into a tiny fraction of the two square kilometres taken up at the moment. This would stop the stench and the flagrant waste of billions of litres of water each year. Use the land, unencumbered by native title, between two beautiful ranges, for a string of purposes including residential or tourism real estate and recreation.
• Open up the magnificent gullys in the southern flank of the MacDonnell Range in the municipality for locals and visitors, keeping the latter in town for a much longer time than mostly just transiting to The Rock. The first (eastern-most) gully is a few minutes’ walk from the tourism precinct, currently blocked by the dump.
• Pressure the NT Government to expand and improve tourism facilities in the East and West MacDonnell so the region’s biggest private enterprise industry can begin to flourish again.
• Do something meaningful about preventing floods in the Todd that can kill many people and devastate the town’s centre, while at the same time, in collaboration with traditional owners, creating an amenity for locals and tourists.
“Tom” would have found all that and more in our seven million word online archive had he bothered to check.
Meanwhile in our quarter of century of publication we have created for our readers (20,931 in the month to August 3, for example) a platform for civilised public debate, having published 15,054 moderated readers’ comments since August 11, 2011, including of course that of “Tom”.
By the way, the victorious conservative councillor Jacinta Price is a woman and will possibly be the only woman on council. It’s interesting that “Tom” assumes she is a man, even despite her unmistakably feminine first name, reflective of his entrenched worldview, perhaps?
Erwin Chlanda, Editor.

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Hate speech report sparks trolling
@ Braedon Earley: Count me in, Braedon.
Erwin Chlanda, Editor, Alice Springs News.

Hate speech report sparks trolling
@ P A Bassett: Thank you for your comment. We founded the Alice Springs News in 1994.
Kind regards, Erwin Chlanda, Editor.

Online hate speech by leading tourism figure
Anonymous comment writer “Tim” is invited to provide evidence that I have a “some sort of set” against Mr Thompson.
His efforts in running a bus company in a small Australian town and serving on a tourism industry body are acknowledged in the report.
“Tim” may like to expand on that with facts rather that unsubstantiated claims.
I am very comfortable comparing my efforts, with those of Mr Thompson, for the wider Central Australian region in which I have worked as a journalist since 1974.
Included are these:
I co-founded an independent newspaper with a readership averaging 20,000 (Google Analytics), now in its 26th year of publication.
I produced thousands of television news, current affairs, magazine and documentary reports for all Australian and several overseas TV networks (USA, Europe and Asia).
I invite “Tim” to consider the quality and amount of national and global attention the region received from that over my 44 years in the town.
Erwin Chlanda, Editor

Gallery: no deal yet on land swap
Hi Interested Darwin Observer: $30m is the indicative figure being used by the council. Please find it here.
Erwin Chlanda, Editor.

Grog stats: No independent review
Re Vicki Gillick: On June 4 I approached the hospital, via its media liaison person, and the NT police, via its media section, for access to the raw data underpinning the alcohol control measures, on the condition that privacy is not breached. (Note the last paragraph of the report above.)
This would include such documents as police running sheets and emergency department individual admission records.
No doubt Ms Gillick has made similar requests in the interest of “evidence-based reforms and rigorous evaluations” to which she refers in her comment of May 29.
Our requests are still being considered by the hospital and the police.
We’re of course happy to collaborate with Ms Gillick in our quests for information about these issues.
Erwin Chlanda, Editor

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