Could this be why a lot of Councillors who campaigned …

Comment on Four more years of same-same by Steve.

Could this be why a lot of Councillors who campaigned on these exact matters didn’t get much including Jimmy?
“Thankfully the council doesn’t have powers over major issues such as town planning, alcohol reform, crime in the streets, street kids (not his problem, says Mayor Ryan) and tourist promotion.”

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Council poll says ‘no’ to gallery at Anzac Oval
So the five adults at my house would have lost all but one vote as we are all on a single up address. lol. What of those who voted from multiple up addresses? Completely unreliable poll.

New gallery committee to get no say on location
You mean the council survey where people are admitting to voting multiple times?
[ED – The report explains how this can be prevented.]

You can vote No with love: Alice priest
Not only have you, and this paper in publishing this, denigrated those in a same sex marriage, you have also denigrated those families that for many reasons do not have all parents, those in defacto relationships and married couples who are unable to have children. You should be ashamed of yourself.

The ABC, the Burka and equality
Mate, we voted you in for law and order issues not as the fashion police. How about you concentrate on the thousands of council issues like you are meant to?

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