As a longtime resident of Alice, I felt it was …

Comment on Four more years of same-same by Evelyne Roullet.

As a longtime resident of Alice, I felt it was appalling to see venom spat through the Facebook and other social media.
Some candidates and supporters have shown their true colours. They didn’t contribute anything to democracy, and instead by trying to put people down, but put themselves down.
Everybody deserves respect regardless of their point of view. All candidates should have been thanked for putting up their hands and give their time to the town because this takes courage and devotion.

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Four more years of same-same
May be the “conservatives” were elected, but if they have some WISDOM they would have realised that there is a good opposition to their tactics of domination and they would be more open to the views of the “progressives”.
Hopefully the bickering we saw during the campaign will stop and the new council will work in harmony for the good of Alice.

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Ministers lash out at council over gallery
Namatijira Art Collector, I am in total agreement with you, however Napoleon had nothing to do with “The Nose: Sketches of the Sphinx” by the Dane Frederic Louis Norden were created in 1737 and published in 1755, well before the era of Napoleon.
However, these drawings illustrate the Sphinx without a nose and clearly contradicts the legend If the nose was gone by 1737 at the latest; its removal cannot be blamed on Napoleon’s troops, who visited more than 50 years later.
It is a pity that we do not have a Napoleon in power, because the gallery would have been a built long time ago.

Ministers lash out at council over gallery
Hear, hear, Trevor.

We won’t be there for His Royal Highness
As the public subsidises the trip, the public has the right to know.

Gallery statement by ministers mischievous: Councillor
Those two ladies do not realise that by insulting our elected Mayor and Councillors they are insulting the whole community.
Why can’t they admit they stuffed up the project by day one: What is an Aboriginal gallery without Aborigines’ approval?

Ministers lash out at council over gallery
All that done before the 2020 elections?

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