I wonder how the buy local policy lines up with …

Comment on Gunner: Man of action trips up on appointment by Shine a Light.

I wonder how the buy local policy lines up with giving a Sydney company $2m a year for five years to stage a cultural / arts activity in a town full of artists and culturally engaged people?

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Native title organisation backs Anzac precinct for gallery
Judging by past performance from both parties (NT Government and Lhere Artepe) this agreement won’t stand up to scrutiny.

Paterson stands for Territory Alliance
Mr Patterson, what if one or more of the party’s policies were not in the best interest of our local community would you take a stand against it or shut up and follow the party line?

Oval for gallery back on table – as bone of contention
Would be interesting to know who these 32 traditional owners are, as last year the minister for arts and culture met with a large group of traditional owners recognised by AAPA as the legitimate custodians.
Seems Lauren decided to ignore their very clear and unanimous response: “South of The Gap.”

Fracking stance hits Labor vote: Protect Country Alliance
The Greens directing preferences away from Labor is perhaps the only way we can get them to change policy.
They expect the Green preferences despite their messed up environmental policies.
Good move, Greens, I hope the preferences are directed away again at the general election.
Tell them now, so they start to realise this policy will impact their ability to win the election.
At present, ALP or CLP we will be fracked.

Town Council considers $50m art gallery options
Who is studio kinship? Culturally appropriate design that is against the wishes of the traditional owners and holders of that culture, how does that work.
I wonder if anyone spoke to the minister for arts an culture, cos she got a pretty clear message from from a large group of custodians earlier this year: “South of The Gap.”

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