Harts Range garnet mine in trouble

2472 Harts Range garnet mine


The collapse of a WA company has endangered the country’s second garnet mine just as it was ramping up to full production, according to a report in The West Australian yesterday.


The newspaper says that administrators from KordaMentha were appointed to Australian Abrasive Minerals (AAM) on Thursday after a cash shortfall triggered by budget overruns on the development of the Harts Range mine in the Northern Territory.


The project, 170km north-east of Alice Springs, was only commissioned a year ago and had just recently produced its first garnet, which is used in abrasive blasting and waterjet cutting.


It is believed the new project has already absorbed tens of millions in development funds.


Joint administrator Richard Tucker said AAM had been unable to fund the capital expenditure needed to get the mine to nameplate production, according to the newspaper.


The project, which employs about 20 staff on-site, has been put on care and maintenance while the administrators pursue a recapitalisation of AAM.


Harts Range was the first mine developed in the southern half of the NT since the 1980s, says the newspaper.


AAM, which also has a processing plant closer to Alice Springs, had spoken of a mine life exceeding 30 years.


PHOTO: Harts Range garnet mine. Australian Abrasive Minerals Pty Ltd/Facebook


– Courtesy The West Australian




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  1. John Bell
    Posted December 1, 2019 at 4:19 pm

    In the 1970s we used to convoy it from Melanka to the Harts Range race meeting weekend.
    Never knew if it was the sun glinting off the mica in them there hills, or the reflection off the bottom of the CB stubs.

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  2. Flemming
    Posted December 1, 2019 at 12:08 pm

    What happened to the Centralia advocate ????

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  3. Flemming
    Posted December 1, 2019 at 12:05 pm

    So sad, from the days of Afghan cameleers filling bags of garnets believing them to be rubies which ended up as floor decor in the Marree mosque a hundred years ago, to the days when Johnny Vitosky,
    the mad Russian, prospected the area, what an exciting place it was, and the mica which killed many after years of cutting, the Gallardo mob for one succumbing to same fate as asbestos.
    So many stories and adventures from long ago when we old buggers had to work hard, try hard, live hard, the Ozzie out back adventures way, give it all a go.
    So what happened?
    In my day we never gave up, just took a spell dabbling or the like.
    Remember in 65 when I advertised T-bone STEAKS for two bob, 20 cents each.
    Or my cave in nightclub in the Gallardo bid. Long ago now. And so many good people gone.
    But they were the days, my friend.

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