I came here to Alice over 40 years ago. At …

Comment on Raising the bar: the art of keeping your shop safe by Alan Thorp.

I came here to Alice over 40 years ago. At first all I thought of Alice was it is hot, dusty and not all that appealing. I had to work to save enough to leave. That was all the time it took to realise this place is the BEST place to live in Australia. Alice has energy. This example of creative security enhances our town yet perfectly performs the role it is designed for. I personally refuse to have ugly prison frontage at my business. Alice is better than that. Congratulations to Mike, Maria and their team for showing the way. Love it!

Recent Comments by Alan Thorp

More youths abscond from Bushmob facility
My comment or suggestion relates to vandalism and how we deal with it.
Once caught and convicted the perpetrators seem to either end up in jail or a rehab program.
NEVER to my knowledge is the victim ever considered in what is to happen to the perpetrator.
Our community goal should be to embrace all community members and in turn all embrace the community. I personally would like the opportunity to offer employment to any perpetrator caught damaging property we have control of.
The deal is that they work for a fair income for the job given and the company be paid back at 50% of that income until the damage is fully paid for.
At any stage the arrangement is not satisfactory the perpetrator is restored to the alternative punishment given by the courts.
During this agreement the perpetrator remains under the control of the court’s alternative punishment authority.
As with the present prisoner employment program some of the earned income is paid to the program in control to offset some of the costs of the perpetrators management.
Once the court’s punishment has been satisfied the perpetrator will have experienced the real value of the damage caused, partially compensated the cost to the community for their punishment management program, saved some money ready fro the re-introduction to community, learned some skills and experienced real employment.
The community gain is the education of the perpetrator as to the value of damage done and the possible incorporation of another employable member of community.
My father taught me to earn my way in life. We as a community need to earn our good life style and find solutions to social problems to benefit us all not just a portion of the community.
There is always the haves and have nots which is healthy if the have nots see a path to becoming a have. Education and opportunity are the tools required so let’s get together and create some real opportunity.

[ED – The Alice springs News Online is happy to put interested people in touch with Mr Thorp.]

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