Re “no to Police violence”. How do you know that …

Comment on Police clash with protestors by Kumara.

Re “no to Police violence”.
How do you know that their name tags where not on them at the start of the protest?
Any thought that their name tags quite possibly got ripped off them during the “scuffle”.
How do you know it was a “deliberate attempt by them to escape accountability?
Why didn’t you go up to the police officers and ask them their name/s if you were that concerned that they didn’t have their name tag on?!

Recent Comments by Kumara

Anzac precinct art gallery: Native title issues unresolved
Oh look, for goodness sake, can we not now get into this?
As long as the “right” Aboriginal people are consulted can we leave it at that before it becomes about naming family groups?
Can’t we do it for all Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people who live in Alice?!

Flag on the Hill: When No became Yes
Hey Scotty, pull your head in mate! I am one of those 25,000 Arrente people in Alice Springs. Who do you think you are putting us all in one bucket, labelling us all the same!
My family and I have worked all our lives in this town, our town.
We educated our children, teach them respect and our kids don’t walk the streets at night vandalising property, bashing innocent people etc.
“WE” are not all sitting at the front of Centrelink, “out bush doing nothing” or even incarcerated, a lot of us work for our money.
How do you think we feel with what’s going on in our town, we feel exactly like everyone else!
This is our home! If you don’t like what’s happening here go back to your home!

Gallery: Gunner sticks with ANZAC Oval
Why even have a consultation process, Mr Gunner, if your just gonna put the gallery where you want it!! You could have saved a lot of money on this so called consultation process and just said that’s where YOU want it to go in the first place!
You won’t be getting my vote in the next election!

24/7 youth centre: bridge between us and them?
In response to James T Smerk: “People with something to say need to get involved – don’t wait for a personal invite to rock up on your door. I’m tired of hearing about people not being consulted when there are public forums all over the place.”
Please give some respect to Aunty Doreen. While Im sure she wasnt’ waiting for a “personal invitation” why couldn’t someone give her a call.
I’m pretty sure Aunty Doreen wouldn’t have access to the internet and read Alice Springs News Online or other forms of social media so how was she going to hear about this meeting?
A simple phone call to her advising her of the meeting would have been easy and then she could have passed it on to the other “grandmothers” and other people by word of mouth – simple. I think you would have had a lot more “interested Aboriginal people” at the meeting if this happened. Just saying!

Choked, kicked, but no complaint ever responded to
Umm, hello! If these little darlings didn’t do the crime in the first place they wouldn’t be in Don Dale in the first place.
What we are failing to remember here is that these “kids” are not angels and are not / were not put in Don Dale for stealing a bag of lollies.
I realise that the guards employed to protect these little darlings probably are not angels either, however how much crap do they have to put up with before their health, safety and welfare is compromised?
I know first hand that spit hoods and restraints are only used on these angels as a last resort, I’d like to see anyone else having to put up with being spat on (in the mouth, eyes area) and or threatened with physical abuse on a daily basis and see how they would react.
The real victims of these angels’ crimes are the ones who are suffering, not these little buggers.
Save your money Royal Commission, spend it on building something bigger and better for the next round of angels to be housed in.

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