May I suggest you Google the smart grid. It helps …

Comment on The hidden costs in the switch to solar by Francis Lovering.

May I suggest you Google the smart grid. It helps to overcome the problems mentioned here.
Distribution of power sources, your roof or a big solar farm, all aggregated, plus and of battery storage, where ever it is, eg your electric car, or the big suppliers.

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Council on climate: wide-ranging action as matter of urgency
John Bell is utterly wrong. Just thought I would mention that. Readers can no doubt find out why.

NT should be the sun, wind powerhouse
If Alice can do 10GW it can do 100. And it should, asap.
There’s a climate crisis happening now.

Realistic Re-Power Alice plan for 100% solar
What an incredible lack of ambition.
Alice Springs should surely be running near to 100% solar plus battery power by 2020 if they tried.
They could have done it years ago. Just get the Australian universities onto it.

How 50% solar in the NT by 2030 can mean 100% in Alice
Ian Clarke that sounds ridiculous but is it the capacity of your link to the grid rather than being “allowed”? Of course in that case you need a fatter cable. Or can’t they cope with the extra power?
If so a big battery, perhaps from Mr Musk, would help.

Land councils acted behind our backs, say pipeline TOs
Again I see Alice, possibly the best place in the world to go totally solar, subject itself to fossil fuels.
Come on Alice, and the Wakaya.

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