CLP you are not listening to the people! Supporting fracking is …

Comment on NT cost of living $1700 a week by Frank G.

CLP you are not listening to the people!
Supporting fracking is going to doom your party to perpetual irrelevance! When are you going to understand that?!
Your reference to the ABS statistic in a media release is a refreshing change … but how about putting out a media release that uses facts and figures that are actually honest about what fracking represents for the NT?
I would pre-empt your answer and say “bugger all” … but at least it would be good to know that there is some talent left within the CLP that can actually argue something coherenty in favour of fracking!
To all CLP operatives and members take heed: Voters of the NT are sick of BS media releases like this!
Every line (except the ABS statistic) of this media release simply says: “Dear NT voters. The CLP thinks you are simple minded idiots.”

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