No. Just … no. SA hit their 50% renewable target …

Comment on We’ve got the sunshine, they’ve got the people by Moggo.

No. Just … no. SA hit their 50% renewable target this year (eight years earlier than expected), leading Australia in renewable generation and leading the world in electricity prices. That’s right, SA now has the highest electricty prices in the WORLD. But it must a coincidence, because sun and wind are FREE … right?
Meanwhile, what would we do with our $75m gas upgrade? Sell it to WA? Come on. Why would toss away such a big investment, especially when the gas is right here in the NT? And where is the money for 100% renewables going to come from? The NT is already an economic basket case!
I say we go back to steam power. We have a huge surplus of hot air that is added to every time these RePower ideologues get on the podium.

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