Perhaps if possible a tracker device that a person carries …

Comment on NT lags on locator devices for people lost in the bush by Jenny Walsh.

Perhaps if possible a tracker device that a person carries in their bag or somewhere so when they fail to get to a place then they could be tracked.
These devices could be hired out at a reasonable price and the people must return them when they finish their walks etc.
A deposit could one way of making sure they are returned.
If people are going on the Larapinta Trail for example, or going by vehicle out bush, then they must notify whomever issued them with a tracking device of some sort.
Does not necessary need to be handled by the police.
Anyway, just a suggestion.

Recent Comments by Jenny Walsh

Wowser games?
People coming for the Masters have to pay a lot of money for travel and accommodation as well registration fees.
For locals there are the fees which people don’t mind paying to participate but this decision may cost us our future games.
The amount of money Alice gets because of these events are high and each of the clubs usually will make money for their club with the sale of drinks, food and raffles and these profits will pay for all sorts of things the organisations need, such as maintenance, juniors etc.
But that won’t be the case when there are stupid decisions like this.
I believe there is no soccer this year, less money even it was just locals playing.
We have bad enough reputation in the press as it is so that is not going to help now and the future.
Since when has the Masters had issues with competitors in the past with alcohol?
Isn’t discrimination that people can buy beer but not wine as I know people who do not drink beer. Masters followers go to these event to enjoy, have something to drink then go on to have a good week.
The other thing of course is many other towns now have Masters Games, so it makes sense to just go to the nearest one to their home.
Alice Springs Masters have always been known as the friendly games, not the laughing stock games!

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