Dear Eli, You did the right thing to support the …

Comment on Ratepayer, do you want your money back? by Albert Diano.

Dear Eli,
You did the right thing to support the ratepayers.
The extra money should be refunded to the ratepayers who have supported the town over many years.
It’s good to see that you have the ratepayers’ interest in mind by paying off the loan.

Recent Comments by Albert Diano

SA budget allocation may put paid to Alice gallery: Higgins
Russell Guy: Local Centralian has a point.
The proposed Art Gallery is not going to save Alice Springs from the high cost of living.
In my view, Alice Springs needs to grow with a permanent stable economy, which will certaintly help the CBD and the local people.
The Alice Springs Council and NT goverment have slowed the growth for Central Australia. It’s time that the Federal Government steps in and takes control of Alice Springs.

Fuel firm on warpath with Alice upgrades Katherine site
Any new business in Alice Springs will only help the town grow. The Alice Springs Town Council should do everything for the benefit of the town to make sure United builds these new service stations, and not hold grudges.
Alice Springs is suffering with high prices in particular, to fly from Adelaide to Alice. In my view the NT minister needs to step in and investigate the council objections.
In the interest of the people of Alice Springs, the Town council needs to take a serious look at these type of projects that help the town.

Hail stones usually don’t come that big
Alex: Just thought I mention, local Aboriginal painter Nelson Panaka always said that the weather for Alice Area comes in a ten year cycle.
If you check the records back in 1969 you will find Alice Suffered a big hail storm just like the one that just hit. I remember Anzac hill and Todd Street being covered with hail the size golf balls.

SA says Feds should intervene in pipeline decision
In my view I believe SA Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis is only interested in raising revenue for the benefit of South Australian Government. He should be more disappointed for the people of the SA who already pay higher gas prices.

Mercilessly enforcing rules against drunks, thieves, deadbeats
Dear Steve,
Just like you I grew up when Central Australia was hard tough place to live. I managed to sit on the river beds with Nelson Panaka, Benjamin Landra and listen to the Aboriginal way of life and watched them paint using water colours, along with many other things I was thought.
Your comments refer to Aboriginal people who have suffered a devastating impact of Alcoholism and drugs affecting the society around Alice Springs. The contents of your comments, appear to reflect your own weakness and personal issues which are racist motivated. Your comments in my view don’t help resolving the problem, but make things much worse.
Author, humanitarian Founder L. Ron Hubbard wrote, and I quote: “The planet has hit a barrier which prevents any widespread social progress — drugs and other biochemical substances. These can put people into a condition which not only prohibits and destroys physical health but which can prevent any stable advancement in mental or spiritual well-being.”
I suggest you read the statement of Ron Hubbard and try to engage the NT Government to make major changes, and focus on solving the problem of alcoholism in around Alice Springs.
Perhaps then we may see some action to help the people affected, without wasting tax payers money. Try to commence a better help education program for all people of the NT, and not focus the attention on writing comments, which are concealed with racism, and offer no solution to the problem of Alcohol, in around the Alice Springs community.

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