Desert Park would not add additional value to Alice Springs. …

Comment on Recommendations in for National Indigenous Art Gallery site by Renate Schenk.

Desert Park would not add additional value to Alice Springs. It is also too far for a lot of visitors.
Anzac Oval takes away an iconic site for a lot of events, also no additional value to the town.
What happened to ideas like the old Melanka site? Or even the site where the old Aboriginal Culture Centre used to be?
Space might be a problem there, but it belongs to the Yepperenye Complex, so negotiations should be possible.

Recent Comments by Renate Schenk

Gunner rewrites the record on gallery consultations
The reaction of the politicians, especially Gunner and Wakefield, shows that they have no respect for the custodians of Alice Springs. Should we, the residents be surprised than, that we are not being respected by them?

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