The proposal to locate the Indegenous Art Gallery at Anzac …

Comment on Gunner ‘demotes’ Alice: art gallery options ‘lacklustre’ by Ares Splicing.

The proposal to locate the Indegenous Art Gallery at Anzac Oval is surely a political Red Herring. Our politicians announce the location of a historically significant, heavily utilised sporting and entertainment location to ensure sufficient outrage that the likely real plan of the Desert Park will fly under the radar with little opposition.
Finally we have a chance to revitalise our CBD, in a time where ancillary retail space is struggling nationally and it appears the preferred option is the easy option, utilising Desert Park Land.
The natural multiplier effect of a centrally located National Gallery will help to underpin economic and social activity in the CBD. We need our politicians to be brave and take the harder option for the benefit of the town.
Negotiate to acquire the Melanka site. To say it is not big enough is a folly.
The Melanka site provides 1.3 hectares of land, with four street frontages, no public transport required from the CBD and a large carpark opposite the ex Memorial Club.
For goodness sake, The Art Gallery of NSW has 11,000 sqm. Have we not heard of multi storeys? The recent history of this site suggests we have. 94 Todd St is big enough.
Any inconsistency with the NT Planning Scheme for parking requirements can be solved with a stroke of a pen from the Minister. It has been done before.
Miss this opportunity to bring people to the centre of town and we will regret it for a long time.

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