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Comment on Rock climb to close: Who wins? by Alex Nelson.

@ Megg Kelham (Posted November 4, 2017 at 8:28 am): Thank you for your constructive and informative comment.
I’m aware of examples from the past that demonstrate Aboriginal people did not consider climbing Uluru to be offensive, indeed they quite readily did so themselves.
The notion now apparently prevailing that Anangu consider Uluru to be wholly sacred and that no-one should climb it is a confected belief of very recent origin but inevitably parroted by an uncritical mainstream media that’s too lazy or timid to investigate the truth.
Personally I’m not fussed about the closure of the climb on Uluru but it will be interesting to see what consequences, if any, eventuate over time.
A trite argument regularly trotted out by those insisting on the closure of the climb at Uluru is to compare its sacredness to that of St Peter’s basilica in Rome. Megg’s post provides a neat refutation of this simplistic nonsense.
I have my own experience as a tourist visiting St Peter’s – not in Rome but in Riga, the capital city of Latvia. St Peter’s Church with its spire is the tallest cathedral or church in Riga’s Old City; and within that spire is an elevator which takes visitors to two viewing platforms at the top.
St Peter’s church spire is a major visitor attraction, providing great views over the Old City and nearby Daugava River.
It was literally the very first attraction I visited, taken there by my friend who is a Latvian native and not at all affected by the “sacredness” of taking a ride up a lift in a church spire to view the panorama of the city.

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If I recall correctly, the Geoscience Australia Antenna commenced operation as a Landsat receiving station in 1979, so this year marks its 40th anniversary.
Our family was living at the CSIRO residence by Heath Road at the time, now the Centre for Appropriate Technology.
There was one funny occasion when my brother was wandering around in the paddock nearby the new facility, and wherever he went the antenna would swing around and point towards him.
I think he got a bit spooked by it but it was the technical officers in the adjoining demountable lab that were just having a bit of fun.

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This is tremendous good news for Alice Springs. I shall put on hold my plans to move to Katherine 🙂

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Certainly not the first time that kind of offence has occurred at those premises!

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