No land belongs to anyone on this planet, that’s the …

Comment on Rock climb to close: Who wins? by Shane.

No land belongs to anyone on this planet, that’s the fact you shouldn’t deny!
The land belongs to mother nature! We just occupy it and try to make money out of it.
Ayers Rock (Uluru) is a good example of it. Nowadays custodians occupied that land in the 50s and drove away the original owners or better said occupants.
So, why should that tourist attrcation be restricted?! It’s too much ado and blah blah blah for nothing.
Lived in the centre for many many years, carting tourists to The Rock, but preferred to show them the real and other spots of the centre.
Too many lies at Uluru, and blame and shame on parks management and so-called custodians etc. After so many years in the centre I simply gave up, had enough and fled, by good reasons!
Is this writing eye-opening? Maybe, maybe not, depends who you are, either a pro-Aboriginal-activist with no real knowledge about their culture, or a well-educated normal living being!
Cheers and enjoy the better places of the centre!

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