Short memories. Art centers were built on the need to …

Comment on National Indigenous gallery process hijacked? by Spot.

Short memories. Art centers were built on the need to supply tourism. Art centers didn’t bring tourism and most likely won’t attract them in great numbers in the future.
Have we all forgotten the complaints of past years of the overbearing presence of galleries in the Mall? If you have look it up, there was a large number of them.
Now it seems the solution to the CBD dilemma is what? A larger art gallery and shop that would most likely be based on a major commercial presence to dwarf the smaller local shops and remote art businesses?
What has happened ever since the cultural centre idea is being pushed to the background?
This would attract visitors as other centres have done in the past and has numbers to show this.
Or is this project more about commercial control of the art industry than it is about tourism and revitalising?
Would removing all the open grassed areas in CBD that most social events utilise be in the best interest of all?

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Federal Police uses drone to spy on tourists
It wasn’t so long ago every one was questioning why drones were use more often in the locating of tourist in the national parks.
Here we have one with a free service. Should we not be thanking them for this service to the tourism industry and looking after a significant site to the locals as well?
It has been due to all the destruction over the years of all the protestors trashing these camp grounds and parks in the area that has led to it now being patrolled so much.
Over the years many sporting groups have had many functions in the area supported by the local base.
And it is still open to public and the last count everyone is saying by one camera and a drone is all you have that is pretty good.
Last count around the CBD of Alice Springs there are maybe 20 or so cameras. I would feel safer out in the park than down the Main Street.

Dumbing down Alice Springs
Have we lost sight of why all the funding was sunk into the CDU?
Was all this not supposed to provide higher education to the children of the bush so they didn’t continue to travel interstate?
Like all of the other jobs that have been relocated to Darwin this should be looked at a little closer if money is being allocated to provide education to those in remote areas.
It should be going to them not providing fly in fly out jobs for those that don’t wish to live in the Northern Territory but are quite happy to come here for the high paying FIFO jobs in Darwin.
These services need to stay in Alice were it is needed the most.
And why have they got a campus in Sydney, anyway?
Shouldn’t they be educating the children and residents of the NT first? So much for closing the gap with this issue.
How about educating our own to fill all the jobs? All the businesses are saying they can’t find workers.

Proposal to make Finke track an official recreation area
Having rangers being employed to look after environmental issues can see this working just like all the land use agreements on Indigenous land.
Will it need the tax payers to contribute a large amount of money to sustain this idea.
This would also need to be managed – maybe – by a land council.
Operating by the good graces of people has the sound of more permanence than the options here.
Or maybe there are other people who are being included in talks who are so excited are being offered large compensations for the loss of their pastral lease areas.
But yes, making land available for recreational use is a very good idea.
That is a great opportunity for economical development of about 50% of the Indigenous land mass of the Northern Territory, you would think.

NTG asks AAPA to consult with custodians on gallery & new site
Well Hal, we might just have found that pop up council. Don’t most of the members of the
AAPA have some connection past or present with the land councils? Are these councils now doing the bidding of the current Labor government as well?

Jacinta Price: 4 year commitment lasted 18 months
Jacinta obviously wants to help her people with more than roads, rates and rubbish.
If it means moving on to attempt this well good on her for doing that.
Going up against another who has a history with another council that should be more concentrated on rubbish, roads and royalties instead of politics, has had many years to try to make a difference but unfortunately failed, it is time a local Indigenous person was in a position to make a difference.
So go girl.

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